Building on the 30 years knowledge and experience gained from consulting on fire protection solutions to architects and specifiers, Mann McGowan has developed two Continuous Professional Development seminars.

Each seminar lasts 45-60 minutes and delegates will receive speaker’s notes and literature; a CD ROM and PowerPoint presentation are also available

Seminar 1
Upgrading Fire Resistant Doors
This seminar provides a review of relevant codes of practice, regulations, standards and the Regulatory Form Order (Fire Safety). It also deals with the issues of sustainability, long-term maintenance, life cycle costs, appropriate and inappropriate applications and disabled access.

Seminar 2
Passive Fire Protection in Building
This seminar looks at the role intumescent-based passive fire protection products play in the design of buildings. It covers approved document BS5588, APD B, Fire Resisting Doors, Fire Resisting Glazing and Fire Stopping

Typical seminar content

• Introduction to fire testing
• Approved Documents B and N
• Introduction to intumescent technology and how it is used to provide compartmentation
• Case studies of installations
• Application examples
• Dos and Don’ts
• Specification Guide to Fire Resisting Glazing
• Upgrading fire resisting doors

Areas covered:

• East Midlands 
•South West
• Eastern
• Southern
• London            
• Ulster
• North West      
• Wales
• Northern         
• Wessex
• Scotland     
• West Midlands
• South East       
• Yorkshire

For more information or to book a CPD please contact Debbie Knight our CPD coordinator on the link below


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